• Ratchet sunburst
  • hand-engraved balance cock
  • mechanical engraving for Wempe Glashütte
  • Rotor 2824 sandblasted with polished bevels

Surface treatment .

From simple line grinding to high definition finish of Watch components:

We process micro components of different materials such as steel, brass, silver or gold and
furnish with different surface structures upon client request.

We offer:

  • Line grindings, polishing, perlages on head surfaces
  • Glashütte Solarisation (grinding) on winding wheels
  • Genéve Stripes on main plates and bridges
  • Micro Sandblasting of components
  • Thermal Blueing of screws
  • Galvanic Coatings in Au and Ni, Coating of PVD / PLC
  • CNC and Handmade carvings on main plates, bridges, balance bridges and rotors
  • Laser Labeling